Académie Scientifique de Beauté skin care

 Académie Scientifique de Beauté

The Maison Académie Scientifique de Beauté was founded in 1890 by Dr. Alexander Lamotte. The company has shared its experience in the field of beauty for more than a hundred years and has won high awards and prizes over the years.
In 1926, Georges Gay, the son of the brand’s creator, took over the company’s case. The company has kept its traditions and passed down its long-term excellence from generation to generation.

Advantages of the Académie product line:
128 years of scientific experience in the field of beauty
800 ingredients in different recipes
30 different raw materials on average in one product
18 months minimum to develop a new product
150 tests performed every year
Skincare methods are based on skin type and skin problems
Products are only available in beauty salons



Soin modelant - rubber mask facial treatment 60 min
55 €
Soin Nutrition Optimal - optimal nourishing treatment 1h 15min
55 €
Soin disinsebilisant anti-rougeurs - redness reduction treatment 1h 15min
Soin au Collagene - collagen treatmen 1h 15min
Soin lift.raffermisant a la vit.c - toning and firming treatment with vitamin c 1h 15min
Soin cont.des yeux``antirides,Hydratant`` - eye care, nourishing-moisturizing 30 min
Absolut Pro-Age treatment - anti-aging care 1h 30min
Expert Exfoliation Uni-Peel 60%, facial complexion
Expert Exfoliation Youth-Peel 50%, global facial rejuvenation 60%